How to be part of the biggest community of Traders in the world?

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As a member you will have

  • Over 150 signals per week, both Binary Options and Forex signals
  • Real Time Notifications (Mobile and PC)
  • Social network created exclusively for traders
  • Live Chat support for every inquiry
  • A private BLW Forum to interact with a wide community of traders.
  • General chat room to share your comments, questions about the signals and results after every single trade.
  • 8. Access to a Live Trading view Chart inside of your Signals Room so that you don’t have to leave the website and have several windows open
  • FREE Access to the BLW Trading Academy, and Signals Academy which will help you get on your feet as a beginner in the Online Trading industry.


There are TWO options that you can chooserom in order to be part of the Best Trading Network in the world! Decided to give you a little extra for getting the annual membership instead of the monthly membership.

About Christian AP


Is passionate about helping traders from their first steps in the world of online trading until their accounts increase with considerable zeros. He is focused on developing people and motivating them to reach their full potential, he preaches and advice that everything is possible even become into a rich person with the power of being disciplined, consistent and learning person.

Cristian Founded BLW Online Trading since 2014. BLW involves other brands of products focused on the same goal (Help traders to make money) as: 2-5 Minutes Strategy App, BLW Online Trading Academy, and BLW Signals Academy. He is an international online trading speaker where its best channel has been YouTube where the content turned out to be good, as we have grown from ZERO to thousands of SUBSCRIBERS.

Constantly invests to develop new technologies and a strong and capable team of workers to provide solutions to the traders who contribute to their trading sessions experience and and how to get good results.


1. Do I get Binary Options or Forex signals ?

Here in the BLW Signals Group you will get both Binary Options and Forex signals. We provide over 120 signals per week!

2. Is this a software, auto trader or signal service ?

The BLW Signals Group is not a software or an auto trader, which means that is meant for manual trading only. We will provide you with predictions of the market and you will have to execute the trades manually into your broker.

3. Can anyone use the app ?

Yes, anyone can use this service. You only need to use your preferred browser and internet connection and you will be able to see and follow the signals.

4. What is the BLW Signals Group ?

The BLW Signals Group is the most popular trading community in the world. It has been a signals group since 2015 and it has remained to be the top trading signals group in the world with over 5,000 active members around the world, and growing.

5. How much is the BLW Signals Group ?

You can choose between a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The monthly plan is only $29.99 a month and the yearly plan is $19.99 a month.


BLW Online Trading
@BLW Secret Signals Group


Read this case

Let’s assume that you start with a $50 trading balance. If you follow at least 5 signals per day, you may win at least 4 of those trades. If you place trades of $5 (which is 10% of your balance) you then would make a return of $3.50 on each trade, meaning $14 profit, minus the $5 of the lost trade, that is $9 PROFITS PER DAY! Which is $45 per week, and $180 per month. Let me ask again: Do you think it’s worth to pay $29.99 per month for these signals?

*THESE ARE APPROXIMATE NUMBERS and may vary depending on many factors that we need to be aware of, such as market conditions, you following the signals as they are, the payout of your broker, etc.

I know these are a lot of numbers, but my point is that you won’t even miss the $29.99 per month, do you agree? Money is out there, and the BLW Community wants to help you get out there and get it. Would you take the chance?